[Yak] NWT Loose hinge pins question

jjjingleheimerschmidt at hotmail.com jjjingleheimerschmidt at hotmail.com
Tue May 3 15:11:58 CDT 2005

 > I am original  owner of a 1996 NWT which I have using daily for 
> (I estimate that the bike now has well over 60,000 Km)
> I fold and unfold the bike twice every day and the hinge pins are starting 
> to show their age.
> Even though I grease  the pins regularly (also replaced them) they have 
> started to rattle inside the frame.
> I believe the pins have simply enlarged the 3/8"  hole in both part of the 
> frame.  The situation now is that the frame is not as rigid as it used to 
> be.  I am off course very concerned  about safety but also about the 
> general quality of the ride.
> I noticed that the new NWTs have a different hinge pin system. Has anyone 
> taken those pins apart?
> Could you tell me in what way they are different?
> Is there any way my frame can be retrofitted with the new pin solution?
> Thank you
> Yoel
> Vancouver BC
> Canada

My personal opinion is there is very little the Bike Friday service folks 
can't do for your NWT. Replacing the pins is easy--a task you could perform 
yourself with a mallet and drift (if you don't have the proper sized drift, 
you might be able to talk them out of one). The fittings themselves should 
be discussed with BF themselves. Whether installing bushings in your present 
hinge fittings or replacing them altogether, they can offer the best advice 
for repair. It's possible that even they won't know the most effective 
option until they have the bike available for inspection.


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